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What is Transformations?

Christie Clinic’s Transformations is a medical weight loss program that offers:

  • FDA labeled and approved foods
  • A full personal health assessment
  • Group and individual support and coaching
  • Weight and measurement progress analysis
  • Nutrition education
  • A meal plan to help you select the right nutritional foods

Burrito Bowls with Avocado Dressing – Phase 4 Recipe

Typical burritos can be 600 to 700 calories plus! A healthy salad burrito bowl is a great idea to cut on calories. And you use low calorie lettuce as a filler and less carbohydrates compared to using a tortilla, and rice, and beans and loaded with cheese. Many bottled dressings are also full of sugar as opposed this one which just uses a bit of honey.

Health Coach on the Morning Show – Burrito Bowl

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