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What is Transformations?

Christie Clinic’s Transformations is a medical weight loss program that offers:

  • FDA labeled and approved foods
  • A full personal health assessment
  • Group and individual support and coaching
  • Weight and measurement progress analysis
  • Nutrition education
  • A meal plan to help you select the right nutritional foods

Meet Alisa…Follow the Journey on our Facebook Page.

Christie Transformations present Follow the Journey….

Meet Alisa.

We will be touching base with Alisa off and on during her journey to her best self!  Give her some love!
“My name is Alisa. I am 39 years old and I have struggled with my weight for many years. I’m getting ready to turn 40 years old and realized that I needed to do something serious about the amount of weight that I have gained. I have three kids, (eleven, eight, and four years old) and a loving husband. We both work full-time and are very busy, just like everyone else, but I don’t want that to be an excuse any longer. I am an occupational therapist in the school system and I do various other side “adventures” (crafting, scrapbooking). I’m so excited to begin this adventure and I’m excited about the results that I am confident will be there with good dedication to following the protocol and support from my coach, friends, family and you!!!”


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