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How do I begin my transformation?

Christie Clinic’s Transformations is designed to help you achieve success by engaging both  mind and body to learn the nutritional information you need to maintain your long-term weight goal. You will work alongside Christie Clinic Transformations physicians and health coaches who are focused on helping you achieve your goals. 

Transformations Medical Weight Loss

Your first step is to attend an Informational Meeting where you can learn more about Transformations.  Call us at 217.366.7460 for available dates & times. We also require a couple of labs (lipid, metabolic & thyroid), so if you are a Christie Clinic patient and you have had recent labs done we have access to those.  If you are not a Christie Clinic patient you will need to get them done or retrieve them from your physician’s office and bring them with you to the information session.  If you have not had any one of these labs done, you will need to get them done before being approved for the program.  We can order the labs for you at Christie Clinic Transformations.

Once you enter the program, you will meet with a health coach. This is the first phase of your transformation. There are four phases to the program. You will be guided throughout the process by an encouraging and supportive health coach.

Our goal is to allow you to start the diet within one week of attending an information session. You will be able to rank your importance level for this at the session as well.   We hope to accommodate you as quickly as possible. Please download the profile form below and bring it completed to your information session. Be sure that you have an accurate list of your current medications from your prescribing physician.

Download Ideal Protein Health Profile

 Call 217-366-7460 to get started. 

How do I begin Transformations28?

Christie Clinic Transformations 28 is a short-term weight loss plan for those who have 20 pounds or less to shed. Contact us at 217-366-7460 for a consultation to see if Transformations28 is right for you!  Feel free to print out the form linked below and fax it to 217366-7469 or email it directly to This will help you get the process going.

Download T28 Health Profile

Compare the differences in Transformations vs. Transformations 28 plans.


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