What does Christie Clinic Transformations offer for the maintenance portion of the program?

Transformations knows that the maintenance phase is extremely important to continued health. After all, the statistics show that a majority of people who go on a diet are at risk for gaining their weight back plus more!  When you join our program we ask for your commitment to both portions – the weight loss and the weight maintenance.

We try to defy the odds at Transformations by providing multiple resources, as we know it’s not easy making these life long health changes.

We now have a maintenance program that provides:

  • A maintenance protocol
  • 12 months of health coach support
    • weekly visits in month 1
    • bimonthly visits in months 2 & 3
    • monthly visits in months 4-12
  • Protein food products (particularly Ideal Complete, a meal replacement shake)
  • Monthly support group meeting
  • Maintenance newsletter
  • Meal suggestions & menu planning from your health coach
  • Maintenance informational videos

Our monthly maintenance visits are very successful. We see those that come in for continued support and accountability with their health coach have a higher success rate toward maintaining their weight. 78% of those who come in for those visits are successfully maintaining their weight.

Ask your health coach for more details!

Testimonial – Tina T.

What are your keys to success?

I admit I have learned a lot in the last couple of months. This program is very well thought out and it works! I have tried thinking I knew better and when I modify the criteria of how to maintain, it has not gone well. I find that yes, you can indulge. BUT just for an occasion not for several days.  Yes, go ahead and have a birthday celebration but follow it the VERY NEXT day with a Phase 1 program day. If you approach this program with less than a full commitment you don’t maintain the healthy body and mind that you intend to keep.  If I try to do this program with my modifications — I gain weight. I think of myself as a soldier. To survive it is necessary to follow orders. It is necessary to maintain discipline. It is necessary to plan ahead and observe what pitfalls might be in front of me.  Don’t fall into old habits! I like the way I feel when I eat healthy. I rob myself of choices when I indulge and then need to revert to phase 1 for more than a day. I love being able to choose healthy foods from all groups. If I over indulge, then I limit myself for a couple days instead of being able to move on in a single day. It is not easy — no one said it would be BUT it is certainly worth it! I feel empowered, healthy and strong when I am following the program. The result is that I don’t give in to temptations!

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Inches Lost:  20″
Pounds Lost: 45 lbs
How long have you been in maintenance: 4 months



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