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What is Transformations28?

Transformations 28 is a 28 day plan for those that have a BMI of less than 30. It will help shed approximately 10-15 pounds*. Your all-inclusive fee, in which you have choices of weekly or monthly payments, provides a personal health coach to meet with on a weekly basis to measure your progress, give you support and provide nutritional information. It also provides you a selection of gourmet protein foods along with all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the proper nutrition to shed the inches away.

Weight Loss Fitness CoachingWith Transformations28 you have a start date and an end date, so you know your beginning and end. There are 10 different product choices which are geared to help maximize your weight loss plan and give you an easy decision on food choices each week. There is typically no medical approval necessary or additional lab tests as long as the criteria for the program are met. Criteria can be discussed with a Transformations team member at 366-7460.

At or near the end of your 28 day program, you are able to attend our educational class to help support you in your maintenance phase. There will also be an option to extend it to an additional month of T28. Additionally at that point, you can continue to use the protein supplements from the clinic in your weight loss or weight maintenance future.  And the best part about getting the weight off is keeping it off, and feeling empowered to do so with your new found knowledge!  So let our maintenance program which is structured for 12 months, assist you with keeping your weight off.  Click here for more.

Please click on the Get Started Now link above to download the paperwork you need to submit to the Transformations staff.

*Results not guaranteed.

Testimonial – Melissa R.

My initial goal when I started Transformations 28 was to lose 20 pounds in order to feel and look better before vacation. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the program was to follow and how quickly I was seeing results. With the help of my supportive coach, I have reset my goal and am continuing on this journey towards a healthier life.

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